Import / Export

new and used parts

Our company deals in the transport of passenger cars and trucks to Poland for current, paint and renovation repairs. We also carry out repairs and renovations of vintage cars. Car transport allows you to significantly reduce the cost of services.

We import machines and equipment, semi-trailers, trailers, parts for cars and trucks. We help in the purchase of goods and services in Poland, we lead the customer through the purchasing process and negotiations. We also provide full translations from Polish into Norwegian and Norwegian to Polish.

Help at every

stage of the contract

What makes us stand out

  • Extensive experience supported by many years of experience. Constant cooperation with many companies.
  • Our import service covers all stages of bringing parts to the country, from purchase, through transports and customs clearance, to delivery to the customer anywhere in Poland or Norway.
  • Attractive prices thanks to many years of cooperation with many companies and negotiation skills.
  • Very good knowledge of the Scandinavian market and customer mentality.